About Me

I am a collared submissive. I have written a book of short stories that you can find in paperback and on Kindle – A Submissive’s Heart.

I started out sharing my thoughts and feelings on a page on Facebook called Submissive Love #SubmissiveLove and it spread to another page called A Submissive’s Heart #ASubmissivesHeart . My first Master encouraged me to put my work into a book and I eventually got up the courage to do so.

I also have a BDSM help group called Domination/Submission-BDSM Advice and Information group. I wanted to be able to reach out to more people – answering their questions and trying to assist them in their journey. There are so many dangers out there, and sometimes people just need a caring ear to help them make the choices that they know in their heart anyway.

Then came this blog…another way to share my thoughts, feelings, and writing. I also share things that i have read and think will be of assistance to you,  I am willing to try and answer any questions that you may have. I know that i am new to the lifestyle but many of the questions that i have received would apply to any relationship. Please feel free to contact me either here or on one of my facebook pages, I enjoy reading your comments on what i have posted.

You can also follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/kayngel_hatcher and on Tumblr:  http://naughtysouthernangel.tumblr.com/

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