Japanese Bath

There are two versions of a Japanese Bath that I have found useful. The first one that I am going is faster and can be used if your time is limited. The second one is more time-consuming but well worth it.

The first thing you will need is to make sure you have a shower and a bath tub. It makes the Bath run a lot more smoothly. You will need plenty of towels and wash cloths, loofahs, and even a stool for the shower would be a nice addition. Herbal shampoos and body washes that the scents appeal to your Dominant are a special treat. For the longer Japanese bath, I like to include lots of candles. Play relaxing, soothing music through both of them to help your Dominant relax even more.

Bath 1

Make sure the scene is set before leading your Dominant to the Bath. It is best that you are nude or wearing as little as possible as you will be getting extremely wet. The music is on softly in the background. All your needed amenities are set out and a hot bath is run. Help your Dominant remove all of his/her clothing. As little effort on their part is the best.  Keep your voice soft and as soothing as possible throughout the bath.

Lead him (for the sake of writing I am using him for the Dominant) to the shower. Here is where the stool will be extremely handy. It would also be very handy to have a handheld shower head.  Wash and condition his hair thoroughly, making sure to keep the soap out of his eyes. With your first wash cloth, clean his face. If he has a beard, use the same shampoo and conditioner on it that you used on his hair. Use a different wash cloth and/ or loofah to clean the rest of his body thoroughly. Make sure all of the day’s dirt and grime is removed using his favorite soap/body wash. You can have him stand as you complete this action. But be sure he can brace himself on your shoulder or on a handrail. As I said, an herbal scent that is relaxing is the best. Rinse him thoroughly.

At this point, help him into the bath, ensuring that it is hot but not too hot. If he has any body aches from a hard day at work, you can add Epsom salts to the bath, but nothing else. The soak is just for relaxing.  At this point, you can join him if he would like and there is room, sitting behind him for him to rest against, or kneeling in front of him where you can maintain water temperature and have better access to him.

Make sure he has his favorite drink at hand – but limit the amount of alcohol due to the heat of the bath because this can lead to dehydration. I would recommend an herbal tea if he likes them. If you are behind him, massage his temples and head down to his shoulders. Work should not enter the conversation unless he just truly needs to get something troubling out of his system. This should be strictly relaxation. If you are in front of him, you can still rub his temples, head and shoulders, but make sure he has a bath pillow or roll of towels behind his head. Work your way down his arms and chest…light touches meant to be pleasurable. You can work further down his body to his legs if it pleases him, but if at all possible keep it as nonsexual as possible.

When he is ready to leave the bath, you leave first and assist him out of the bath. Dry him thoroughly. If he likes it you can use a softly scented lotion (I even like Hemp lotion) all over him. The gentle touch of your hands will further soothe him. Help him into his favorite robe or whatever he prefers to lounge in. At this point you can then dry off and slip into a robe, etc.

Lead him to wherever he wants to rest before worrying about straightening the bathroom. Give him a drink to enjoy while you do so. The rest of your night can go from there. I would not recommend alcoholic drinks if there is going to be any scening afterwards simply because I do not believe in mixing alcohol and scenes.

Bath 2    

Have all the same amenities listed above and during this one you can include the candles if you did not earlier.

Lead him first to the shower and complete a quick rinse of the daily grime from his body. The bath is to be kept as clean as possible. After you have rinsed him completely, help him into the bath. This is just to soak and let the heat from the bath open his pores and relax him. Keeping the conversation light, do your best to make sure the soak is as pleasant to him as possible. Epsom salts only in the bath here as well because you do not want anything but natural minerals in the water. You may be able to find other bathing minerals that you can use where you find your other natural herbal products.

Help him rise from the bath. Remember you are his support through this. Lead him to the shower and give him the thorough shower that is described in Bath 1. Make sure all soaps and shampoos are thoroughly rinsed away. After he is completely clean, check the temperature of the bath, adding more hot water as needed. Remember, although you are reusing the bath, there should be no dirt or soap in the water.

At this point, you give him the same gentle massage that you gave him in the first bath. A cool drink and maybe even some light fruit (if he would like, but not necessarily needed or recommended). When he is thoroughly relaxed…and at this point could be nearing sleep…assist him from the bath and give him the same treatment mentioned in Bath 1.

Both of these, and especially the second one, can be tiring for you until you get accustomed to it, but knowing you have given your Dominant such a relaxing and calming treat makes it worthwhile.

(And who knows, if you are especially good, he may reward you with the same treatment on occasion *devilish grin*)

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