What This Lifestyle Means To Me

Once again i am looking at people involved/getting involved in this lifestyle and i have to scratch my head and wonder.  Maybe i am the odd duck, who knows? To me this lifestyle is more than just having someone in your life. It is a connection deeper than anything i have ever known. It is hard to put into words, but being with my Dominant is my little piece of heaven.  His Dominance is worthy of every bit of submission i give Him – and more. I also know that – to Him- my love and submission is the greatest and most valuable gift i could give Him. It makes serving Him an even greater pleasure than i could have imagined. It also makes me long to please Him even more. They reverberate off of each other – growing as they do so.
I think some see the collar as  a symbol of the lifestyle alone. They want a collar so they can show that they are a submissive. My collar is more – so much more. To me it is a symbol of the love and connection that is between us. It is tangible evidence that my submission is cherished by Him even while He owns me.  It symbolizes a love that is beyond any vanilla relationship i have been in.

Now i know that there are some in the lifestyle that do not have a loving connection but it is strictly a D/s relationship – some even without sex. However – for that collar to mean anything besides a kinky piece of jewelry, there has to be a connection – a bond. There has to be ultimate trust and respect between Dominant and submissive.  The Dominant has to earn that trust and respect – and respect and treasure the submission that is given to Him/Her.  THAT is what the collar symbolizes.

Now i know that there will always be people who look at things differently – and that is everyone’s right – but this is just what the lifestyle means to me.

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