No Limits slave

I have seen so many slaves say that they have no limits. I think many times they are confusing no limits with no limits with a Master that has similar limits as they do. Often when you start asking questions of their “No Limits” they will either say – “oh that is not what i am talking about” or they have no limits because they are afraid to say something is a limit because they fear they will lose their Master.
Now this is just my humble opinion, but it is not so hard to have no limits with a Dominant that you have taken the time to get to know, and have discovered that that person’s hard limits are the same as yours. I think there may only be one or two things that are on my hard limits list that my Owner is interested in trying. Soft limits are something that can be pushed and even gotten past, but you know that the Dominant is not going to ask anything of you that is a complete hard limit. I know that some hard limits will move to soft limits – and at times be moved to things that you enjoy – but there are some that will always be hard limits no matter how long you are with someone.
I have seen a picture of a woman lying on a sheet of plastic with a real barbed wire flogger lying across her bottom. She was bloody from her bottom to her upper thighs. She was not restrained – not sure if she had been earlier or not. Now i love pain, don’t get me wrong. But something like that will always be a hard limit. Others may progress to it, but for many there will never be a point where they progress to where that is enjoyable.
I have seen where women have had their labia either sewn up or have padlocks through them. What if he decided he wanted that. I have also seen where a submissive enjoyed getting cut and then having alcohol put on the cuts. One Dominant i know had a sub that wanted to be whipped so hard that she was cut from the whip and then wanted him to take needle and thread and sew it up. If he decided he wanted that, would you do it?
I know a woman that enjoyed being choked until she lost consciousness. Although i enjoy some breath play – this is a hard limit and will remain on for me due to dangers involved in it. Would you be willing to do it just because your Master decided he wanted to try it?
Many no limits slaves will immediately add scat and animals as being a hard limit – but hey, you just said that you had no limits with your Master. What would you say if he suddenly decided that it was something he was interested in? It is something to think about.
On the BDSM checklist that can easily be found online there are many things that will always be a very hard limit with me. Some of them are: Brown showers, real prostitution, trampling, and being put to use at a glory hole. There are others, but this is just an example.
Don’t get me wrong – i am not putting anyone down for claiming to have no limits – i am just trying to put a realistic view on perceived no limits and actual no limits.  I, myself, would be weary of a slave that said they had no limits because it would be in the back of my mind all the time whether they were actually enjoying what i was doing, or they were just doing it because they were afraid of losing the relationship.

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