Littles, Baby Girls, Princesses and Brats

A little is someone that enjoys spending time at a younger age and can be any age from a toddler to a preteen. They can also be male or female.

A baby girl does not have to act like they are a younger age. “Baby girl” can just be something that a Daddy Dom calls his submissive.

A Princess is a submissive that believes they should be pampered and spoiled and will do all they can to do to pamper their Dominant. Imagine a young girl that does everything they can to please their daddy because he spoils her rotten. She is Daddy’s good girl.

A brat is just what you think it is. Brats are disobedient and/or sarcastic. A brat is also called a SAM (Smart Ass Masochist). The brat acts like this because either the Dominant enjoys it, to get attention, and/or to get a spanking/whipping.

There may be times that you see more than one of these in a submissive – it is not unusual. You may even see a bit of a baby girl in a submissive that does not live the DD/lg lifestyle. There is a large part of me that is a baby girl. She peeks out at times when i need a little “extra”. Don’t be afraid of the little that may be inside you. Let her out- play, be pampered and cuddled, show the vulnerability that is a little. You will become stronger for it, imho.

One thought on “Littles, Baby Girls, Princesses and Brats

  1. One of the hardest parts, from my experience, is coming to terms with it in addition to the difficulty in finding people who can understand/accept it.

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