Sometimes we do not completely realize how much even the smallest of actions reflect upon our Dominants. This submissive speaks of having the realization hit her during this assignment

Dancing the Path

My Beloved Master gave me an assignment a few days ago. He asked me to write Him an essay on “How My Actions Reflect Upon My Master.” He gave me a 1000 word limit and 2 day time frame for which this piece was to be written and I must admit, I honestly was not thrilled by this assignment at first….

How do my actions reflect my Master…this has oddly been a difficult assignment. I have spent the past two days looking at my actions, every step I’ve taken, word that has come out of my mouth, everything. While there are certain aspects that I see that could be considered a reflection on my Dominant, for the most part, my actions are a reflection of who I am and the measures I have taken to be…well…me. I’ll touch on the things that I do believe reflect on my Dominant, though…

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