The Life in Lifestyle

i feel this to the core. The words are straight from the heart ❤

Dancing the Path

Life sometimes gets in the way of the lifestyle, it’s a known and sometimes painful fact. My own life has been thrown into turmoil with the near constant roller coaster that is becoming home owners, family drama, health concerns and occupational shenanigans; however, the submissive heart never stops beating. What does one do when the scenes become fewer and far between, the Order’s/requests slip and the assignments cease? It becomes a time of reflection, a time of introspection and finding new, inventive ways to submit without adding to the already highly emotional charged situation. It’s a time of questioning, of diving deeper into myself and what is truly in my heart, why it is that I find such delight and pleasure in living my life as I do.

I start diving in with my upbringing; My Husband has honestly always been my Dominant, simply because that is how I was…

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