Having It All

So many times we dream of having it all – the fairy tale – the happily ever after. However, sometimes one has to realize and accept that THAT may not be in this lifetime.
Not because you have not found love – but BECAUSE you love so much.
I know this may sound so very strange but it is true.
I would rip out my heart for the ones i love to have what they need – even if that does not include me.
i would suffer myself to see the ones i love happy and fulfilled – even if it is not me that gives them that.
It brings me joy to know that someone i love is happy, fulfilled, complete, -even if it is without me.
It would break my heart for them to feel that their life was lacking – especially because of me.
I want my love to be the source of them feeling complete, cause i have spent way too much of my life knowing something was missing from mine.
Complicated isn’t it, lol?
I have opened my heart, mind, and spirit to being happy being loved and loving.         Just that.
Not holding out for the fairy tale but seeing the fairy tale in being loved and cherished just as things are.
To seeing the ones i love happy and enjoying their life with me being a part of it as my happily ever after.
Live life – celebrate the love that you can enjoy – and in that you can see that you DO have it all.

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