Your Safety

I am wanting to stress again how important it is to be responsible for one’s own safety and well-being. You CANNOT just trust that everyone that claims they are a part of the Ls is. This lifestyle is very easy for a sociopath/abuser to walk into and truly hurt someone. And i am not talking about just so-called dominants – but fake submissives can be dangerous too. Think of the harm they can do to you personally and professionally if they decide they are not happy about something they previously agreed to, or they are bound and determined that you are not going to release them. Hazards can come from both sides of the slash.

I have posted in here before about SSC, RACK, and my favorite -PRICK. SSC is the standard most go by, however, there is risk involved in a lot that we do. Even being as safe as possible, a submissive can be injured. It is just a fact when you are participating in pain play, and even bondage. Think of the things you do in your everyday vanilla life that can cause injury even if it was not intended, and you can see why risk aware is so important to add to the SSC.
However, the reason i like P.R.I.C.K. is because it adds the personal responsibility factor to it. How can you NOT take personal responsibility for your personal well-being along with your personal and professional life?? Yes you SHOULD be able to trust your Dominant with your very life – but that is a trust that MUST be earned and KEPT. Just as a sub should always show that they are deserving of the trust and respect that is given to them by their Dominant. It is a 2 way street.
I truly wonder how many of these new subs would just send nude pics – and especially ones with their faces/identifying marks visible in them – to just any random Joe Blow that tells them they want them? How many of them would just load up and leave their family for someone they have never even seen their face or heard their voice? But yet because these people claim to be Dominants, they will do it. And then wonder why they are being blackmailed, why they are being abused, or why they are dumped without any reason why after sending pics or hooking up once with this person.
If your own emotional, physical, and/or professional well-being is not a good enough reason to take personal responsibility then consider your family and friends. Look at how many times family and friends are hurt by lack of personal responsibility. How many are left wondering what has happened to a family member that has just disappeared after meeting with someone? And even worse – the family members that have to identify the body of a loved one simply because Personal Responsibility was not taken and trust was given to someone who had not earned that trust, but simply hung Dom, Sir, or Master in front of their name on a website.
I am not saying that things cannot go wrong when you do everything right, because it can. Look at all the people who are injured or murdered by loved ones. However, the excuse, “well i thought i could trust him/her cause they said they were a Dominant” is no excuse at all. That is like saying “well i let him operate on me in the basement of his house because he claimed he was a doctor”. All i am saying is that in the end – you and only you is responsible for your safety and well-being. Common sense, being informed, taking responsibility for you and your actions – whether vanilla or lifestyle oriented will go a long way in keeping you happy and safe, and more importantly – alive.
Kayngel Hatcher

One thought on “Your Safety

  1. Thoroughly agree with you but as in all aspects of life today you accept what people say with a grain of salt .
    Trust should be earned not just given automatically !

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