My Collar

I am not sure if all will understand what I am about to write, but it I am sure many of you will. My collar is more to me than just a piece of jewelry or a representation of BDSM. My collar is a solid representation of my Sir’s loving hand on me. It represents our bond – our love.

He has been my friend, Mentor, and now Sir. He and his subs welcomed me with open arms and hearts into their family. As some of you have already read, one of His subs held my hand while He collared me. At that moment I felt like I was truly  His. His collar around my neck solid proof for the world to see – even if they do not know what it represents.

I cannot spend much time with my Sir due to my family and my job. It is a painful thing but a fact of life. We speak every day and cherish every moment that we do have together. Every time we are together, I know I am looking into the eyes of a Man that truly loves and cherishes me. I am more than blessed.

When we are not together, I often find myself reaching to the collar around my neck. In times of stress, aggravation, sickness – it is there to remind me of His love for me…..of His Dominance and Protection. When I touch it, I am reminded that no matter what I face – He is there. He is supporting me, giving me strength, encouragement, love. I know it may sound simple and silly to some – but for the ones of you that touch your wedding rings during times of stress – it is the same thing.

I know that some may want a collar for the sake of a collar. Others want one as a show of the fact that they are in the lifestyle. As naked as i feel without a collar around my neck – as lost as i may feel as a submissive – I still need for a collar to be a representation of a loving, uplifting relationship. Anything else is simply a piece of jewelry.

I do not mean to offend anyone with what i said here – this is just what I feel for ME. This is just how I feel about the collar that was placed around my neck. Each person has to do what is right for them. I just needed to share with you what my collar represents in my heart and soul.

9 thoughts on “My Collar

  1. I don’t have one yet, but I couldn’t agree with you more about what it means, because that is what it would mean to me too. Thank you for putting it so eloquently. It’s Beautiful. ❤


  2. I have a collar as well represented by a necklace as well to which us very sacred and dear to my heart. I find myself going to as you do. I’ve had a collar made for me with paracord and a charm for home use as well that means just as much as it was made by his hands.

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  3. You capture the best meaning of a collar perfectly. To me it is more than a wedding ring, it is a symbol of something deeply significant that few understand. My sub looks forward to wearing her collar as soon as she gets home, and when she wakes (unless she has slept in it, which she does frequently). It is a profound statement that yes “I am His & He is mine”, and that is a wonderfully proud feeling. Your writings from the submissive’s perspective describe the reality of a D/s love relationship, which is so far and away above the normal kinky sex stuff. Well done.

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