Touch of His Hand

Although I do not plan on posting a lot of my writing here – this was written during a time when I was healing after losing my Sir of 2 years. The gentle touch of my Mentor’s hand – His love and support got me over and through the heart ache.

She stands in doorway – the same place she has stood every day – a broken spirit. He walked away from her, and not with kindness but with harsh words – meant to hurt and destroy. It was the final blow to a spirit that he had been hurting for so long. Her will to continue, her belief in love gone – out the same door that she still stands at.

He watches her, hurting for her,  but not sure what he should do. He reaches out to touch her, wanting to help her, but not sure what he should say that might help. He hates the man who did this – that broke the angel he saw her as. He wants to pull her into his arms, and show her what love truly is, but he knows that she is not ready. So he offers her the comfort that he can – a kind word, and the strength in his hand.

She feels his hand on her shoulder, wishing it could bring her peace. But as she stands in the doorway, she feels she is not worthy of even the kind words he offers – and her heart breaks. Part of her wants to reach up and touch his hand – draw strength from it – but she can’t. She knows that to do so would bring all the tears that she is holding back. So she just holds her place, wishing….

He wishes that she would just turn, look into his eyes, and see the emotion that is there. He wishes he had found her before the man who crushed her came into her life, so that he could have shown her what love was truly meant to be. Now he wonders if she will ever open her heart again, and he feels the stabbing pain in his own heart.

So there they stand….no words…just a gentle, caring touch of his hand…~kayngel Hatcher~

2 thoughts on “Touch of His Hand

  1. Reblogged this on Dancing the Path and commented:
    This is beautifully touching. Sometimes the only things we can do for those we deeply love is Hold Space for them to feel and experience what they must. This piece helps me so much, reminding me to breathe, cleanse and clear and Hold Space for my Master when He is in such need of it. Much love.

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