D/s Relationships and Outside Interference

i know what i am about to say is not going to be popular but it is how i feel…and it has been discussed in a couple of groups where it has proved by the comments that many people do believe in it.

The thing of the matter is no, we as subs should not be the ones correcting other subs publicly for whatever behavior seems hurtful. However, the Dominants should. So many times, as has been seen discussed on several groups – The Dominant will see the sub as not threatening – harmless. However, at any point in a relationship, if the Dominant makes his submissive feel like if he has to choose between HIS/HER submissive and the friend – the submissive will be the one that goes… in that moment, the friend is a problem. The Dominant has made his submissive feel like less…not worthy.

Now if your sub is jealous of every female (or male – according to the makeup of the relationship) that you are friends with, then there is an issue with her. She needs to have more faith in her/his Dominant. But never accuse your sub of being irrational in her/his behavior unless it is every single submissive that you are friends with…if it is only an occasional one, then the Dominant needs to be open to finding out why. Then decide – does he want the friend or does he want the submissive and act from there. Does the Dominant want a meaningful relationship with his submissive – or is it just a part-time relationship, that has no deeper meaning?

Also the Dominant needs to take in consideration – if another Dom behaved with his submissive the way this friend is behaving with the Dominant – would that Dominant be called out for poor behavior? 99% of the time the answer to that question is yes.Now this is just my humble opinion and i know many are going to disagree and i accept that.

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